Monday, November 8, 2010

Everything happens for a reason

I hear from everyone, that everything happens for a reason, my simple question would be what reason is that? I have issues with my throat, when it comes to citric acid. I want to know, why!? why, do all of these things, that I LOVE to eat, why must that hurt my throat. I miss school because of the pain. I hear it's called 'Chronic Tonsillitis'. Yeah, well I am TIRED of having to deal with it. I go to the doctor's almost twice a month, to get more medication. Just to ease the pain. I can't stand the fact that I have to be on a waiting list just to get them removed. I am tired of it. All the NOT being able to breathe, talk, eat, sleep, OR swallow.
I just wish that it would all go away.

Obviously, the question that I would ask would have to be, why me!? why must all the food I love to eat, hurt me!? I was CRUSHED , when I found out I couldn't eat oranges. and just last night, I heard I CANT EVEN EAT LETTUCE. =( because of NATURAL citric acid, or something like that. The only thing that anyone can do for me now, would be remove them. But even then I have to wait.

I do know, that I have done some pretty stupid things involving my throat. Like, eating citric acid, Pixie Stix , Kool-Aid Juice, Flavoured Water, Energy Drinks, Candy. All of these things , I used to have. I used to have them A LOT! But after a while, I realized that I am causing myself great pain. & now, I can't have any of those things, without me cringing because it hurts so much.

Now, this is NOT really, apart of it. but i just HAD to post it, because it's my life.

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