Monday, November 8, 2010

Everything happens for a reason

I hear from everyone, that everything happens for a reason, my simple question would be what reason is that? I have issues with my throat, when it comes to citric acid. I want to know, why!? why, do all of these things, that I LOVE to eat, why must that hurt my throat. I miss school because of the pain. I hear it's called 'Chronic Tonsillitis'. Yeah, well I am TIRED of having to deal with it. I go to the doctor's almost twice a month, to get more medication. Just to ease the pain. I can't stand the fact that I have to be on a waiting list just to get them removed. I am tired of it. All the NOT being able to breathe, talk, eat, sleep, OR swallow.
I just wish that it would all go away.

Obviously, the question that I would ask would have to be, why me!? why must all the food I love to eat, hurt me!? I was CRUSHED , when I found out I couldn't eat oranges. and just last night, I heard I CANT EVEN EAT LETTUCE. =( because of NATURAL citric acid, or something like that. The only thing that anyone can do for me now, would be remove them. But even then I have to wait.

I do know, that I have done some pretty stupid things involving my throat. Like, eating citric acid, Pixie Stix , Kool-Aid Juice, Flavoured Water, Energy Drinks, Candy. All of these things , I used to have. I used to have them A LOT! But after a while, I realized that I am causing myself great pain. & now, I can't have any of those things, without me cringing because it hurts so much.

Now, this is NOT really, apart of it. but i just HAD to post it, because it's my life.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Heeeeeey (:
Sorry i haven't posted in sooooo loooonggg, it's VERY depressing, anywayz. For anyone that wants to know. I have been sick lately, of course, when is that NOT something new. Booohooo, i hate it. SO, how people went trick-or-treating? I DID !!! of course, my sister wanted me to go so she could stay out late. But me, being well ME, i said yes. I went for halloween as a GANGSTERPrincess, LAME of course. I mean HELLLOOOO ! everyone probably thought of that idea.

So im gonna go crrryyyy in my room lol! because im just thhaaatatt awesome :P

Friday, October 15, 2010


Ugh, stupid throat, sometimes, I just wanna grr you. It hurts, it's fine, it hurts, it's fine. MAKE UP YOUR MIND! Because of you, I miss school! SERIOUSLY, what am I going to do about it. I can't do anything UNTIL two years from now. hopefully it is sooner. A problem, and I can't get rid of it. Oh BOY! Boys, which reminds me, I think I am going to flip out on one ;D just because I can, but wwhhhhooo. I have NO idea lol.

SO, like my little beginning ;) anywayz, I was sick today. so I didn't go to school. CONGRATULATIONS on my Parent's 20 Year Anniversary, of being together. SO adorable <3 oh && CONGRATULATIONS to my 5 year old sister, for losing her FIRST tooth, so proud of her. Poor poor other sister, she is sooo tired. LOL ! so sorry, I was in middle of typing this up, then I was sent to bed by the evil parents. GOSH! but, it was for my own good I guess.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Okay, well I think that we can start off with an introduction. My name is CigiNichole. I am sixteen years old, at this moment. I am currently dating someone, unfortunately for all of you guys his name will remain anonymous. I am loving life to the fullest. Well, at least I am trying to. Right now, I am still in high school. It's my graduation year. WOOHOO ! Paaarrrttyyy. LOL! I have different accounts at which everyone can access me. My PUBLIC accounts for everyone are my facebook, and TWITTER. SO FOLLOW ME ;D i need more followers. I am a very funny, and sarcastic girl. I currently live with my mom, my dad, my two sisters, my dog, two puppies, one cat and one fish. My life is my life. I feel that by using this blog, I will be able to talk freely about anything. You can stay tuned into my personal life. Everyone can get a quick tour of this FABULOUS life. I am working on becoming an actress and a dancer. My two passions.

Acting is something that I have always loved to do ever since I was little, I could be able to watch a movie at least two times, and be able to know most of the words, I can be a very good drama queen. Which reminds me, DRAMA ! i looove it. I like to be in the know of EVERYTHING, you could almost say that I am a gossip queen. HOWEVER, if you want to tell me a secret, that no one else is allowed to know, i will respect that fact, and keep it absolutely HUSH, im just that type of person. ANYWAYZ, back to acting. It is fun to be able to express myself, in a different way. And be able to have characters on a piece of paper and be able to make them come to life. What a dream come true.

Another passion of mine, is to be able to dance. I love dancing, the way that dancers move across the floor. The feeling, the raw emotion, the POWER that dancers have over people, just by a simple movement, is something I dream about doing. I am currently working on being able to attend Nuevo School of Contemporary Dance. To learn how to move swiftly, and keep it free flowing, and sharp. Learning from the experts, is just incredible. I love to dance, I started to learn at age 11 with my mom, who first showed me how to keep a beat. I learned most of my freestyle movements from her. I am currently working on a choreography myself. I wish to be able to get it published and put on youtube, very soon. I have some people already asking me to teach them. I really hope that I can teach them what they want to know, and not let them down.

That is the basic know how about me. Hope everyone has enjoyed reading it. && has a good evening, a good day, and everything else. I guess I tell you everything else tomorrow. With a new kick-butt blog.